What is a Self Storage?

July 15 2020

What is a Self Storage Unit?

The word Self storage in English comes from Self-service storage, means renting out storage spaces of different sizes, locker area or different storage areas.This will be the rental of storage space to facilitate the general public, or small businesses. The rental period can be flexible, short term or long term, range from daily to yearly.


Self Storage Service Facilities at Easy Storage

Convenient Location – Easy Storage has a very accessible location, it is next to the Muang Thong Expressway. The entrance to the storage area is supported through trailers and large loaders, with the loading point of Nearby are Impact Arena, IMPACT Challenger, IMPACT Exhibition Center.

Cargo Lifts, Lifting Equipment – ​​Easy Storage provides equipment that simplifies the movement of goods for customers to use. There are 6 service lifts that can support a weight of 2,000 kg, with a loading point for loading and unloading the car, including a hand lift and a pallet service.

Security – Security is a top priority. At Easy Storage we have a strict security system, with a CCTV system that works all the time, there are staff to check 24 hours a day, the door is a high-security key card system, with a thoughtful and efficient access management system

24 hours in and out – First and foremost amenity is easy access to storage rooms. Not just in terms of location. Easy Storage takes this into account by providing access to manage rental items within area at any time.

Insect infestation protection system – This may be a point that many people overlook. Your goods will be safe from insect infestation, but Easy Storage takes care of these. We have measures to keep the area free from insect infestation, which is the enemy of keeping things in the rented room

Choose the size of your storage – As a service that cares about the customer’s needs and focus on convenience as the main. We try to make our service as suitable for each person’s lifestyle as possible. Easy Storage provides storage rooms of various sizes for customers to choose according to their preferences. With a choice from 4-200 sq m ever.


Self Storage price

Leases are both long term and short term. Both monthly and yearly Prices start at only 1,500 baht/month. For more information, click here.


Phone number 095-390-8899, 097-184-1999


Facebook https://www.facebook.com/easystoragebkk/

Email info@warehousebkk.com

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